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We are canceling all food-related gatherings indefinitely.  Things are changing fast and as we learn more about the coronavirus we will do our best to keep you posted with our Elder Board's decisions.

Emails will go out as future plans are made.

The church year is broken up into different seasons, one of which is the season of Lent.  Lent is a season of reflection in preparation for the celebration of Easter, and in that time of reflection what we notice is our deep need for a savior, for forgiveness, and for restoration.  

The way John writes his Gospel, there are only 7 miracles or "signs" that he includes. As we walk through this reflective season of Lent we are going to look at those signs and what they mean in regards to Jesus' sacrifice and victory.


There will be dinner each Wednesday evening starting at 6:00 and then at 7:00 we will have our worship service. Nursery will be provided for children 0-4 and King's Kids, for children age 4 - 5th grade.  


We hope to see you there.

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For the kids

After Dinner kids age 4 to 5th grade are invited to the upper room for a time of worship & devotions followed by free time in the gym.

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For kids under 5 there will be nursery staff available.