Youth Groups are on the Horizon

I know, 
"It's still summer,"

But September is fast-approaching, and I am incredibly excited for this year. I hope you are too. 

Our youth group nights are fun, but they are also more than just a night of fun activities, they take place over formative years in the life of our young people. 

As such, I'm wondering if you would help us assist the children of our community grow in Christ and learn to love God as they enter adulthood. 
Are you willing?

Here are the common reasons I hear for not volunteering hat may be running through your head:

"I'm not young enough"    "Its too chaotic" 

"I'm not good with children"  "I've already paid my time"

"I just don't want to" "My children are in a group, and they wouldn't want me there"

But I would encourage you to look past those initial reservations. The most rewarding endeavors are those with the toughest challenges.
And whether or not you know it, our youth need you. Children today are growing up in arguably one of the most confusing time periods in history- with nearly incalculable social pressures and internal insecurities. Likewise, socially mandated entrance to adulthood is being pushed back further and further, while the progression of social development and adult-themed discussion is starting at a younger and younger age. They need adults who have walked through adolescence to help show them the way. They need someone to show them  who they are, where they belong, and how their life has purpose. And more importantly, our young people need to be shown what a life of "Christ in me" looks like in our modern day.

"Helping young adults love God requires the love of adults who already do." 


Will you help us?
Will you help bring clarity to a confused generation?

Will you show unconditional love for a people who think they must perform to gain it?

If you are, please drop me a line at

The cost is just time and honesty. And trust me...
Its worth it