Bethany Church Calendar Update:

We are suspending all of our public gatherings as a church for the time being but are also amping up our on-line ministry and presence.  Please check out our website for videos and updates as well as looking for emails and Facebook posts for updates.  It is a wonderful thing to be the church of God no matter what building we are in. 

Please let us know if there is anything that you need or any questions/suggestions that you may have.

We get to gather together to sing the praises of our Savior who has forgiven us of so much.  We get to hear from His Word as He speaks to our hearts and reminds us again of His great love.  And, we get to do this together with people just like us, sinners saved by the lavish love of our Great Father!  Join us as we worship Him who has given so much!

 ​September - May


Early Worship Service 8:30am upper room

Morning Worship Service 11:00am sanctuary



Mid Week Service 7:00pm upper room

As we all walk different places in this broken world each week, we invite you to come together on Wednesday nights to worship Him who is on the throne, to hear each week the restoring words of the Gospel, “mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice,” and to study God’s Word together.

June - August


Morning Worship Service 10:00am gym

116 Walnut Hill Rd., East Hartland, CT 06027 | 860.653.2005 | blbc.hartland@gmail.com | © 2014 Bethany LBC

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Bethany Lutheran Brethren Church

116 Walnut Hill Road                  East Hartland, CT 06027​                  860.653.2005                         blbc.hartland@gmail.com

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